Prominent Doctors Say ‘Fauci Fooled America’


Dr. Fauci got major epidemiology and public health questions wrong, according to two eminent scientists writing an Opinion piece for Newsweek. They don’t recommend listening to him any longer.

Science has caught up with Dr. Fauci.

One of Fauci’s major mistakes concerns natural immunity. As Dr. Fauci pushed the mandates, he ignored natural immunity. “Evidence indicates that natural immunity is stronger and longer lasting than vaccine-induced immunity,” they write.

They referenced the study from Israel, which found that the vaccinated were 27 times more likely to get symptomatic COVID than the unvaccinated who had recovered from a prior infection.

“We have known about natural immunity from disease at least since the Athenian Plague in 430 BC. Pilots, truckers, and longshoremen know about it, and nurses know it better than anyone. Under Fauci’s mandates, hospitals are firing heroic nurses who recovered from COVID they contracted while caring for patients,” they write

Another significant error is his emphasis on lockdowns which did nothing to protect high-risk older people. There is more than ”a thousand-fold difference in mortality risk between the old and the young.”

Public health scientists have presented many concrete suggestions that would have helped, had Fauci and other officials not ignored them.

The high-risk population is the over-60s who have not been vaccinated and have not had COVID. Yet, Fauci is pushing vaccine mandate on children and working-age adults who are low-risk.

School closures were another mistake. Children get COVID but the risk from COV death is “minuscule.” They are much more likely to die from the flu.

The authors made note of the successes in Sweden. Throughout the 2020 spring wave, Sweden kept daycare and schools open for all its 1.8 million children ages 1 to 15, with no masks, testing, or social distancing. The result? Zero COVID deaths among children and a COVID risk to teachers lower than the average of other professions.”

The doctors pointed out that as an immunologist, Dr. Fauci ignored “the disastrous effects lockdowns would have on cancer detection and treatmentcardiovascular disease outcomesdiabetes carechildhood vaccination ratesmental health, and opioid overdoses, to name a few.”

The doctors say many of their colleagues agree in private but few speak up because of the cancel culture.

They don’t fault those who trusted Fauci but the evidence is in now. After 700,000 deaths, they say it’s time to return to basic principles of public health.


Martin Kulldorff, Ph.D., is an epidemiologist, biostatistician, and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Jay Bhattacharya, MD, Ph.D., is a Professor of Health Policy at Stanford University School of Medicine. Both are Senior Scholars at the newly formed Brownstone Institute.

Both are Senior Scholars at the newly formed Brownstone Institute.


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