Proof Biden Is Turning the US Into a One-Party Authoritarian Nation


Drew Hernandez has worked to uncover the details of illegal immigration into the United States. The federal government hands these people over to Christian and Catholic NGOs, using our tax dollars. They then bus or fly them to wherever they want to go. They are going to states with a lot of electoral votes.

These soon-to-be Democrats are going to Florida. These new Democrats will change the demographics. They already have, and not for the better.

Where are they going overall? Definitely to states with the most electoral votes.

Why do you think Biden and Harris aren’t going to the border?

Biden, Harris. and the Democrats behind the curtain are doing this deliberately to give these authoritarian Democrats total power over the people in the United States. All of you who voted against Donald Trump were snookered. You can hate him but you should have looked closely at his agenda and his actions. Trump’s agenda was pro-America, pro-Americans as his slogan indicated. Trump is no racist but Democrats are. They hate white Americans who aren’t leftists. Democrats are now the party of the far-left.


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9 months ago

When the peanut butter hits the blender blades, Illegal Aliens will be hunted like vermin around the Hen House. Americans are not going to let the invasion stand and trying to take care of Illegal Aliens will bankrupt Blue States.

9 months ago

And bills the travel agency that brought them into the state.

9 months ago

Wont stay in Florida very long. Our Gov sends them to DC