Propagandist Rep Omar Is Angry That Israel Is Called a “Democracy”


After accusations against her for anti-semitism, Rep. Ilhan Omar told an interviewer from Yahoo News that Israel is not a democracy. She compared Israel to Iran! And she is angry Israel is called a State. She doesn’t seem to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a state.

Despite her weak apology, the card-carrying Socialist still believes what she tweeted, that “Israel has hypnotized the world,” and she still wants Allah to “awaken” people to see the alleged “evil doings of Israel.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar, a big supporter of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela,  is unhappy with a law Israel passed last year calling Israel a Jewish state. She doesn’t like the “Jewish” part or the “State” part.

The U.S. congresswoman who spreads Venezuelan State propaganda also spreads Iranian-Palestinian terrorists’ propaganda. On a regular basis, she supports the terror groups in Gaza and elsewhere and draws a moral equivalence between them and Israel. She would like the U.S. to treat Israel and Hezbollah and Hamas as equals.

She is angry that Israel is considered a democracy, as a state, and she is “aggravated”. It makes her chuckle in the “contradictions.”


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