Proposed NY Gun Law Involves Your 3-D Printer – Not Satire


New York has proposed a new insane gun law. If you want to buy a 3-D printer that is capable of making any part of a gun, you will have to pass a complete background check almost as intense as if you were buying an AK rifle.

The gun expert in the video below explains that the most unconstitutional gun laws come from California, the most nefarious from Illinois, but the dumbest, most ludicrous laws come from the state of New York.

They’re regulating items you can buy at Best Buy, and requiring a background check.

Raj Kumar sponsored AB 8132, and it won’t save one life. If you want a 3-D printer that can produce firearms, you will have to go through a background check. The bill sounds ridiculous, but it’s even worse than that when you read the text, says the speaker below.

Even if the printer can produce any gun component, you have to have a background check.

The printer makers really need to fight this one.

A modern 3D printer is printing a metal turbine. The future of machine part manufacturing.

They will take your fingerprints to buy a 3-D printer. The Commissioner of the Division of Criminal Justice Services shall review any criminal history, a felony, or serious offense, or if the buyer is the subject of a warrant or arrest, and if the individual wouldn’t pass muster to get a gun, the person also can’t buy a 3-D printer.

Will this solve New York’s gun problem? We are not keeping criminals in prison or following the gun laws we have, but background checks for 3-D printers will do it.

Even basic 3-D printers can make some gun parts, and it will affect most or all of the purchases of 3-D printers. I’m not a lawyer, but this sounds unconstitutional, and I’m not a therapist, but it also sounds nuts.

So, if a friend lets a criminal use his/her 3-D printer, are they accessories?


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