‘Protesters’ who attacked NY Chief of Police & 3 others were released without bail


New York City is out of control and it is very dangerous. There were 51 shootings in New York City this week alone, with 70 victims, including a one-year-old baby boy, who was murdered. The violence has grown worse since the criminals were empowered.

There are reasons for it. For one thing, there is a no-bail law courtesy Governor Cuomo. For another, Mayor Bill de Blasio has clearly castrated the police, especially by signing the new absurd ‘police reform bill.’ Also problematic is the administration disbanded the undercover officers in the anti-crime unit. Then there is the fact that prisoners have been released in droves over the virus.

The crime wave is very understandable.

NY Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said today that there are 2,000 open gun cases. Nothing is happening to the gun violators in this ultra-strict gun controlled state.


This week, the Chief of Police, Terence Monahan, and three other officers were beaten by ‘protesters’ on the Brooklyn Bridge. One officer has two broken orbital bones and took 12 stitches to the face.

The male suspect was arrested and released without bail — free after beating police officers. Even de Blasio was opposed to their release.

Quran Campbell, 25, of the Bronx, is accused of socking the highest-ranking uniformed cop several times in the face as Monahan tried to arrest him after Campbell had allegedly punched another NYPD officer and lieutenant near the Manhattan approach to the bridge.

Campbell was arraigned on assault charges in Manhattan criminal court and was granted supervised release, Fox News reports.

A second Bronx man, Banks Shaborn, 25, was also arraigned Thursday after allegedly clocking the same lieutenant, Richard Mack, of the department’s Strategic Response Group, multiple times in the face during the scuffle.

The suspects allegedly broke both of Mack’s orbital bones, sending him to the hospital for 12 stitches on his face after the melee. Monahan said he suffered some bruises and jammed fingers, but was otherwise fine.

A woman was arrested today but she is probably out too.


A lot of people find it ironic that Chief Monahan was kneeling with the Marxist group Black Lives Matter during the recent ‘protests.’


“The disbanding of anti-crime obviously has a huge effect,” Chief Terence Monahan said on 1010 WINS radio. “Those are our best cops out on the street, grabbing guns. So, there’s a feeling that it’s safe to carry a gun on the street. So, we are looking for ways to change that mentality out on the street.”

Monahan decried the recent Defund the Police movement, claiming criminals have caught on that police are less likely to go out and make arrests following the “animosity” created by the George Floyd protests.

“There is a feeling on the street that the police are handcuffed, that they are not out there as aggressively as we were in the past,” Monahan said. “The new law that was passed by the City Council has cops hesitant. They are fearful that they may be arrested if they take some proactive-type enforcement.”

“All the rhetoric of Defund the Police, get rid of the police, abolish the police, that’s got to end, that has to stop. We need to find a middle ground of cops and communities, working together to handle a lot of these issues here.”

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