Protesters Who Don’t Know Why They’re at NYU


The depth of knowledge of protesters seems to be lacking. These two protesters, one in a mask, are supporting Palestine, but they’re not sure what NYU is doing. She was at Columbia and then traveled down to NYU.

The young women in this clip know they support Palestine but don’t know why they’re protesting NYU and are causing havoc because…?

Do they know about Hamas?

When I spied on the leftists in New York City, many admitted they were paid to show up. I observed some getting angry because they didn’t get their check from a Soros-tied organization. One man said he had no idea why he was there. They offered him money when he was hanging out on the street in the Bowery. He seemed very nice but really didn’t know what the protest was about. He said they needed black people at the protest. Another appeared to be a cartel member, judging from his tattoos – if looks could kill, I’d be dead.

Most were wealthy, communist white students who were angry about a variety of issues, from having to pay school loans to wanting to tear down the oppressive nation.

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