Psaki: media interrupted UK PM since he didn’t ask for permission to speak


That famed expert in diplomacy – Joe Biden – has a new public relations problem. It’s surprising since we were told foreign relations and diplomacy are his big strengths.

Yesterday, White House aides interrupted UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson while he was talking.

Jen Psaki explained today the reason for that is Johnson didn’t ask the White House in advance for permission to speak to the media.

Seriously, that’s what this arrogant woman said!

The UK Prime Minister was put down because foreign leaders may not speak unless the White House approved.

The French just withdrew their ambassador over Biden’s bad diplomacy and Democrats withdrew funding from the Iron Dome which Israel needs to remain safe. But, don’t worry, America is back, baby!

This administration is the gang that can’t shoot straight. They do everything wrong and then are dumb enough to act superciliously.

Watch this ridiculous woman:

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Dee Dee
10 months ago

When the rules don’t work for you, then just change the rules!

Always Uncivil Always
Always Uncivil Always
10 months ago

CCP traitor RAT POS are his big “strengths” and being the best sellout politician that globalist money can buy.
I went to the Bidet earlier and took a big Biden, exited feeling about ten pounds lighter.