Psaki Thought a Bald-Faced Lie Would Be a Great Response to Soaring Meat Prices


These inflationary policies, if left open, will literally destroy the economy.

~ Larry Kudlow

The White House spokesperson Jen Psaki decided a bald-faced lie would be a great response to the increases in meat prices. She absurdly claimed it was due to the “greed of meat conglomerates.”

In 2021, the federal government spent $6.82 trillion of money we don’t have. They’re not done yet. They are planning to spend more on building a Welfare State.

Inflation is solely the fault of the administration.

Joe Biden’s big government socialist tax and spend and regulate and Green New Deal and entitlements with no workfare and general policies will completely sink the economy, Larry Kudlow says.

“These inflationary policies, if left open, will literally destroy the economy,” he added.

“We do not need more government spending which will lead to higher and higher inflation. And, as former Fed [Reserve] governor Kevin Warsh told us last night, the fed must stop enabling government spending and cease printing record volumes of new money as they indirectly finance the government deficits.”

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