Tyranny! NY Bills Include Detaining People Without Trial Over Public Health


The Marxists are rampaging through our blue states and what they do needs to be watched closely because this is the Democrat plan for the nation. New York, like California, is lost to communism. Try to save the nation if you can.

Democrats are totalitarians, and when they have all the power, check out what they do from the new laws being introduced or laws sitting waiting to be reintroduced.

The one-party legislature wants the government, under the unelected bureaucratic governor Kathy Hochul, to forcibly detain without trial anyone who is determined to be a public health threat. The goal is to control and punish anyone who resists them. At least they did in January and they are still talking about it.

We are Australia.

The bill, A.416, is only one of a large number of laws Democrats are planning for early next year. It has been sitting on a shelf since January but just the fact that they have it ready and waiting is beyond the pale.

The bill would “allow the governor or the appropriate health official to order the removal and detention of any person afflicted with a communicable disease in the event that there is a state of health emergency declared by the governor in relation to such disease.”

“[A]ny person or group removed or detained by order of the governor or his or her delegate shall be detained for as long as the department may direct,” subdivision 3 of the bill states.

There are several more bills that are beyond the pale:

A8378 Forced COV shots to attend school

A279a/S75a Forces adult vax records into a state database

A7829/S6495 Forced COV shots for college

A2240/S45 Forced flu shots to attend daycare, pre-school, and school

A8398 Eliminates religious exemptions for work and college

S3041 Eliminates parents’ consent to shots when a child reaches 14 years of age

A822/S9331 Eliminates parents’ right to consent to STD shots for children of any age

A416 Allows the Governor to imprison without trial anyone she considers a threat to public health

Upcoming Assembly bill to eliminate unvaxxed people’s access to health insurance. Whether they go anywhere is to be seen, but can you imagine even considering this?

God help us all.

Correction: A416. has been sitting around since January. We left that information out.

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