Psaki Wants Small Kids Taught Transgenderism Despite Parents’ Wishes


Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, wants young children taught that there are many genders. When Chris Wallace asked Psaki if parents have a right to decide if sex ed is taught, she claimed it’s not sex ed and they need to learn about genders.

She wants teachers to talk to small children about whether they are a boy or a girl. That is left-wing gender ideology.

If you look at some of these curriculums, it is sex ed. Additionally, this far-left press secretary wants something far more dangerous. She’s forcing everyone to agree that people can have different genders, and teachers should instruct students that it is a fact.

Gender dysphoria, which still is a gender disorder, is not a reality. The reality is there are boys, girls, and hermaphrodites. People need to be treated for it if they are distressed, or they can live believing they can change their gender. They should be treated with respect. What they can’t do is make us accept their fantasy as reality.

What Psaki wants is indoctrination into transgender ideology. She wants the new generation to believe one can choose his/her gender. It’s far-left nonsense – dangerous nonsense.

Anyway, teachers aren’t biologists.


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