Freedom Convoy Moves Forward as Farmers Break Through a Blockade


The Canadian truckers are still in Ottawa and at the border. Another contingent is heading for Crowsnest Pass. The truckers continue to move forward.

Antifa tried to interfere but truckers are warning them away.

Truckers are shoveling snow, feeding the poor, and cleaning up. It’s not what the lying media will report.

This was a moment. Canadian farmers broke through police barricades to join the truckers blocking the US-Canada highway on the Alberta-Montana border. Watch:

More truckers are blocking Crowsnest Pass.

Elon Musk calls out the shill reporter:

Truckers have been accused of leaving garbage, stealing food, but they’re doing the opposite.

This is what Blackface Trudeau calls desecration of a statue. Typical lying leftist.

Lovely message from Canadians to a trucker. This is why they’re doing it:

Aussies are inspired:

Holland too.

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1 year ago

It’s obvious the People of Canada have had enough Liberal Government and COVID Hoax. About 15 years ago the MP of Thailand was told not to return to the Country or he would be arrested. I think he is still in hiding in Dubai. Trudeau on the other hand may be looking at the fate of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette if he doesn’t make peace with his people. I don’t think Canada’s Truckers and Farmers are going to back down. Remember, Truckers just need to do nothing to win! The Canadian Mounties can arrest the truckers, but that won’t get food to the Market Shelves or fuel to people’s houses and will just make the Mounties targets of The People’s wrath. Over the last 30 years the Mounties have developed a reputation much like the FBI in America. This is a no win situation for the Canadian Government. The Congress and Traitor Joe had better take notice because far worse things will be coming to America. The Congress in America and Traitor Joe are just as delusional as the Canadian Parliament and Trudeau. The COVID Hoax is over! The Democrat Party is over! Just like our Canadian Brothers and Sisters, REAL AMERICANS have had enough. Unlike our Canadian Brothers and Sisters, American Patriots are well regulated and have the option of going on the offensive.

1 year ago

God bless these truckers, one and all! I am ashamed that we have not done this in the US as yet!

Sasquatch Was My Childhood Playmate
Sasquatch Was My Childhood Playmate
1 year ago

I’ve heard nothing from the media. Family has the intravenous television continuum going so some of the slime seeps through in transit or in the background while at the El Computo.
One page said at the border they were threatening arrests and it was starting to get tense.
Hopefully things can be diffused and maybe Justin “Love Child” Castro can just stay in Germany or wherever he is hiding.