Psychotic Green New Deal Has US Buying Energy from China & Russia


Climate Change is the prime component of the ‘infrastructure’ bill. It’s a fraud. Giving our wealth and resources to underdeveloped countries like China (yes, China) and India that are continuing to build coal plants on a constant basis, is a fool’s errand. Thinking that we should ruin our economy and go to useless windmills and solar while the rest of the world does not, is as dumb as it gets.

We don’t even know if conservation will do anything since global warming leveled off and is now hardly negligible. Certainly, with the populous nations of China and India polluting at breakneck speed, the goals of the Paris Accord are skunked.

Climate goals are not working. The US is the only one really making an impact and we did it under Donald Trump without destroying the economy.

China’s new and added coal production alone is set to exceed all that Western Europe mines in a single year. The CCP won’t destroy their economy to solve the problem of pollution and we are buying fuel from them instead of using our own, much cleaner energy, reinforcing their resolve. India is doing the same thing as China. Neither cares about the idiotic Paris Climate Accord.

In this clip, watch Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan talk about US corporations being told to NOT invest in energy as our energy prices soar. He also discusses the GOP plan to save the environment and our economy.

Republicans have an alternative green plan using all kinds of energy, not only alternative energy. The Green New Deal calls for buying energy from China and Russia. This is as China is planning to take over the world by 2035.


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