Biden BBB Bill: “No Sane Country Would Do This to Their Own People”


The new 2,468 page BBB (Build Back Better) reconciliation bill still includes unconditional mass amnesty, uncapped low-wage foreign labor for Big Tech Oligarchs, and provides free child tax credits to illegal aliens. BBB  puts foreign citizens first, American citizens last.

~ Stephen Miller

As with prior bills, Biden’s so-called compromise bill sunk by progressives (communists) yesterday, gives amnesty and green cards to 7 or 8 million illegal aliens — future Democrats. Green cards are a rapid, guaranteed path to citizenship. This is despite the Parliamentarian advising them it can not be in a reconciliation bill.

Democrats unveiled the package Thursday. It includes a provision that will provide green cards, and eventually naturalized American citizenship, to millions of illegal aliens who can claim they entered the United States more than a decade ago.

It would allow for a lot of fraud. In truth, we don’t even know how many illegal aliens it represents. Most think it’s a lot more than eight million.

The amnesty would change the Immigration Reform and Control Act’s (IRCA) registry date so that illegal aliens could secure green cards if they can prove they arrived in the U.S. before January 1, 2010.

It’s a sure way to turn the entire nation deep blue in record time. It would turn Texas and Florida blue in no time at all.


We also know they will import foreign workers for all jobs with no caps for ten years. They too will get green cards. The COO of Thiel Capital explains that “no sane country would do this to their own people,” by changing the demographics and replacing them with foreigners.


The failed border is the policy to bring illegal aliens to the country to replace Americans:

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Julia Has Real Sugar
Julia Has Real Sugar
2 years ago

The magic soil and production of nothing but Meta private data and the fabulous simply divine tranny military will insure first world powerhouse status!
EBT cards will be the reserve currency for the entire world as part of building Wakanda!
The golden utopia will commence with solid gold bar paved streets as the whitey cracka kulak untermenschen are gone!
Yes we can, forward!