Pt Jeff Mayor & Allies Appoint a Special Prosecutor for a 9/11 March


On 9/11/01, I lost dear people, no one terribly close, but close enough. One man was an usher at my wedding. It was a traumatizing event, and it upset me for years. So, I was happy when three very patriotic men arranged a parade to the 9/11 Memorial in Port Jefferson Village. The Mayor, a far-left woman who promised to rule in a bipartisan way, wouldn’t give the group a permit. Yet, in June of 2020, she gave a permit to the often violent communist group, Black Lives Matter.

They were all over Long Island and sometimes they were nasty. In Port Jefferson, they took over Route 112 and marched down the street in a very aggressive manner. They were making these loud noises as they marched, throwing water bottles at security. These people were frightening.

This is one of the flyers.

Some groups were fine, just chanted, but it wasn’t true everywhere.

Smithtown was unruly and some marchers were yelling out anti-white slurs.
Here’s a brief clip of one of the unruly Sunday events on 6/8/2020:

In any case, no one cared if they marched, but to ban Republicans and others was immensely unfair. When BLM marched, the town turned out to cheer them on. I’ve been to one communist meeting in Port Jefferson — undercover — so I wasn’t totally surprised. What did surprise me was the anger when the Republicans simply walked down 112. The animosity and disgust from some of the people were palpable. They truly hate us.

A Special Prosecutor

Mr. Robitseck was one of the three men who arranged the innocent march down a few blocks. They’ve tried to torment this good man and his allies, patriotic Long Islanders. As you can see the buffoonish Left has employed a special prosecutor. That’s insane. Can you imagine? A special prosecutor for walking down a few blocks with flags on 9/11/2020?

I hope he sues. He has been fined.

This was posted on Mr. Robitseck’s site:

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Trump Won, Save America
Trump Won, Save America
1 year ago

I was at the parade on September 11th and it was truly an all American day of patriotism and tributes to those who lost their lives unnecessarily. There were no riots, no angry masses to be seen, just smiling faces. Go get ’em James. You did nothing wrong, except exercise your First Amendment rights, which the left abhors.

1 year ago

And Politicians wonder why Patriots have been investing in Gold, Silver, and Lead for the last 5 years. I would like to think the extreme politicians would see the light, but I fear there will be no place for them to hide if they keep it up.