Some Republicans Want Tax Credit Welfare for the Unborn


“Republicans want a child tax credit for unborn babies in massive federal family care overhaul,” reads the headline of a Fox Business report. The GOP wing of the Uniparty wants to add the unborn to the welfare tax credits. We already pay for children in foreign countries who have never been to the United States.

Child tax credits are welfare. Most of it goes to foreigners, and illegal aliens can collect. They often count children who live in another country.


Abortion is used by Republicans and Democrats alike to get elected. Now that it’s out of the Constitution where it never belonged, they could concentrate on some more immediate crises like the wild spending.

“Other measures in the package include an option allowing parents to draw from their Social Security to finance up to three months of paid parental leave and enhancing certain benefits for new mothers. It also includes incentives for states to set guidelines on fathers paying for part of a woman’s pregnancy costs and would force cooperation with any child support requirements to receive SNAP food benefits.”

They are going to draw on an almost bankrupt Social Security system. The elderly and handicapped will lose their benefits eventually, sooner rather than later. It’s not supposed to be a loan program.

They should say NO! to all of this. Instead, they negotiate and cooperate, something Democrats never do.

McCarthy is leading the House and doing what we expected.

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