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Pure Evil: Two Illegal Aliens Accused of Kidnap, Rape, Murder of 12-year-old – Update


Update: The two suspects were recently caught by Border Patrol and released into the United States. They came in March. They don’t know the basis for the release, but we all know these people marching in are not vetted.

Johan Jose Rangel Martinez, 21, and Franklin Jose Pena Ramos, 26, were charged Thursday with capital murder for the death of 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray.

The two monsters, here illegally from Venezuela, were seen on surveillance video following the girl into a convenience store.

Gang members? They certainly aren’t migrants, as The NY Post reports. They are possibly illegal aliens.

They kidnapped, raped, and strangled the child. Then they threw her body in a creek.

CBS Austin described the events.

Lt. Stephen Hope said investigators learned the suspects had dinner together the night of the murder, which was Sunday. After their meal, they left the restaurant and began walking in the area. Security video shows the suspects approach Nungaray, said Hope. He said they all later walked to a convenience store and then to a bridge before she was killed.

People had more information:

Houston police Lt. Stephen Hope also shared more information about the moments leading up to the killing of Jocelyn, who was identified by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences. He said at the press conference that on Sunday, June 16, the suspects visited a local restaurant and were seen heading southbound on foot.

As they were walking, they were spotted on surveillance cameras, he said. According to Hope, that’s when the suspects were seen talking with Jocelyn. Soon after, all three walked together to a convenience store and then went to a bridge, where investigators believe Jocelyn was killed. The suspects were seen leaving southbound after leaving Jocelyn, Hope said.

More from Houston 2.

She had called her boyfriend, who heard her talking to two men. At one point, a man saw her hiding but thought nothing of it.

“Christian Goffney, who works at the 7-Eleven on Rankin and Kuykendahl, said he had just gotten off when he noticed Jocelyn hiding behind a nearby storage unit around 11:30 p.m. He noticed police in the area but did not think anything was wrong.

“Around 12:17 a.m., surveillance photos show Jocelyn at the 7-Eleven convenience store. In these images, investigators saw two men, later identified as persons of interest in connection.”

Her Body Was Thrown in a Creek

Nungaray’s body was found by a Houston resident who had been driving along the creek. She told KTRK-TV she thought the girl was a floating mannequin at first.

“I did a U-turn, and I stopped on the bridge, put my flashers on, looked down, and realized it was someone. I parked right here and called 911 immediately,” she said.

The victim’s mother, Alexis Nungaray, said her daughter snuck out of their apartment late Sunday.

She told local outlet KHOU that she was taken “advantage of” by her killers.

“I’m like angry that they took advantage of her. She was so young. She was 12, you took my baby away, you took her away. Now, I get to let her little brother know his older sister is never coming home,” she said.

“She turned into a beautiful, beautiful young lady,” Alexis said. “I was really looking forward to seeing how she was gonna be, and they took every opportunity away from me and my family.”

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