This Is a Brilliant Conversation with Neil Oliver and Tucker Carlson


The conversation with Neil Oliver, Scotland’s outspoken freedom-fighting commentator, is inspiring.

Oliver began by describing how his country is run by inept people, and he talked about laws they tried to pass to separate children from their parents, including the Named Persons Bill and Hate Crime legislation.

The Named Person Bill was a controversial plan to appoint a named person to safeguard the welfare of every child in the country.

The Hate Speech bill allowed police to go into peoples’ homes if parents said something the children repeated that was not acceptable.

As he said, it is no coincidence that this is happening in every Western country simultaneously.

Oliver said, “We are being headed toward feudalism.”

Tucker believes that serfdom describes world history. Oligarchs and serfs ruling the world are what lie in our future. Feudalism seems to be the natural state of man. Slavery is a “reality” and a “natural state” in history.

According to Oliver, Donald Trump was never supposed to win the election, and the UK was never supposed to leave the EU, so everything since has been a “panicky” reaction to “two things off-script that were democratic.” Revolts like the truck revolt are categorized as “right-wing,” but they were democracy in action.

Oliver said all the powers that be came down on Brexit to “thwart that decision,” and “it’s Brexit in name only.” The concept is “hollowed out,” and the people who wanted it were “punished.” Britain doesn’t have a “democracy.”

The Gear Shift of WW II

Tucker and Oliver think that after World War II, there was a “gear shift.”

They discussed World War II, when the West fought to free countries from fascism and handed countries over to communism. As he said, it’s important not to be “confused” by these different statist ideologies. They are all the same.

Oliver said we had a social contract: tax for freedom, policing determined by the people, and all protected by the Constitution. “All of the inducements to be law-abiding, peaceful citizens are being taken away for nothing.”

There is “nothing in it for the people,” and he thinks “there is hope there” since that is where they “might have fumbled the ball.”

Tucker said they are gambling on not having a revolution because they can harness the surveillance state so the population can do nothing. “That is possible,” Oliver responded, but “it’s incumbent on us to think that won’t happen…and be positive.”

Freedom Is An Obligation

Oliver talked about the Constitution. “Your freedom is given to you by God,” and it’s an “inalienable right,” and you “can’t surrender your freedom.” We have an “obligation to defend it,” and you can’t be a slave. It’s not your right to give freedom away.

Taking our freedoms away will help us see what all this means. “We cannot give these things up,” and these things are “verities.” There is no point in not having optimism. It’s in “our nature unto death.” The option to “give up” is not there.

Totalitarians will not win! Oliver went into “natural law” and said whether you are “religious or not,” the universe is there for you to be the best you can be. Evil can subvert it, but the natural order is for totalitarians to lose. They are going against the “natural order” and will lose.

Natural law will reassert itself, but there is no timeline. This is a fundamental fight of good versus evil, and it made Oliver think about the fact that there must be good and there must be God.

“Badness is visible, and it is stalking the land.”

Differences are never made by the majority. It’s made by the few. The events we see today do “serve darkness.”

Tucker believes JFK was murdered. He doesn’t believe there was a good reason for the two World Wars. We allegedly fought to free Czechoslovakia and save Poland and then gave them away to communists.

Oliver went over how the banks took over the empire – the Bradbury Note.

The Pandemic

Oliver is not persuaded the pandemic was anything new, but he said it doesn’t matter. There was a pandemic of testing that wasn’t meant to be diagnostic. The whole thing was an opportunity to use the pandemic to seize people’s money and control them. It was a pandemic of testing and lies.

The Population

People are not reproducing enough children, and there seems to be fertility issues, but Bill Gates and the other Malthusians are banging the drums for fewer people. “It’s anti-species.”

“They’re not invested in the future” and “mankind.”

They discussed much more, including the climate hoax. Even if the climate hoax were true, that wouldn’t be the time to throw away those things that can save you.


Neil Oliver is a Scottish broadcaster and host of the podcast Neil Oliver’s Love Letter to the World and The Neil Oliver Show on GB News in the UK.


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