Putin Has an Oil for Gold Plan That Spells Danger for the West


A “Very Savvy” Russian President Vladimir Putin, as Donald Trump called him, will offer a discount to any country that pays for Russian oil with gold. This will destroy the petrodollar. It puts pressure on OPEC to do the same. Saudi Arabia hates Joe Biden and his partnership with Iran.

Putin’s oil for gold payment method will greatly increase the Russian gold inventories, which are already extensive. Additionally, Putin has an oil and gas sales agreement with China worth an estimated $117.5 billion.

He will install a two Tier Ruble. The domestic Ruble will be backed by gold, and the international will float. China will likely join the system. Turkey already has suggested they will join.


Bill Roggio, writing in the Times of London published an article exposing Putin’s brilliant plan in spite of the ban on anything that makes Putin look like anything less than an evil psycho. He writes:

Sympathy for the outnumbered and outgunned defenders of Kyiv has led to the exaggeration of Russian setbacks, misunderstanding of Russian strategy, and even baseless claims from amateur psychoanalysts that Putin has lost his mind.

A more sober analysis shows that Russia may have sought a knockout blow, but always had well-laid plans for follow-on assaults if its initial moves proved insufficient.

The world underestimates Putin and overestimates the left-wing Biden regime. He appears to have prepared for a protracted assault and beyond. As Donald Trump said, he’s a “genius.”

Russia’s central bank gold reserves now stand at $640 billion, a record. That is equivalent to 17 months of Russian export revenues, and continues to grow, thanks to surging oil prices.

Forbes reports:

Putin created new payment processing systems, as a replacement for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or SWIFT (from which Biden has threatened to cut Russia off); in 2015 after U.S. sanctions Moscow launched the Mir payment platform (now even connected to Apple Pay). 

Putin has increasingly replaced trade in dollars with gold. From a record low of $2 billion worth of gold in 1995, Russia has piled up a mountain of it—now worth $130 billion, or 20% of total reserves. That’s equivalent to about 72 million 1 oz. gold coins, or 4.5 million pounds. Only the U.S., Germany and Italy hold more gold.

The Russian President can also afford to sell his oil at a deeply discounted price. He can force the world to reprice oil in terms of gold, and then, by extension, rubles rather than the dollar. It would become a gold-backed ruble and a global, floating circulating one.

It means the end of the petrodollar economy that the US has grown rich from since the early 1970s. If this happens, the US will become poor in no time. With Marxists running the US government, it might be seen as a great opportunity for The Great Reset.

Energy importing nations are the most vulnerable. Biden’s trying to make us one of those, but right now, Europe is in great danger.

All those people today virtue signaling about pulling out of Russian energy projects are cutting their own throats.

The proof is in the markets now. Gold is breaking higher alongside oil, meaning currencies are crashing relative to energy and tokenized energy (money). The euro crashed to $1.0886 on Friday. All other commodities are repricing higher from metals to grains to fertilizers to coffee at levels the world has never seen.

It’s a brilliant plan who will have a lot of paybacks planned as well.

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1 year ago

This only spells danger for the US , it will be a great boon for its Western vassal states i.e. for all Western countries presently forced to pay for their own enslavement in the US empire.

Johnny Knight
Johnny Knight
1 year ago

Why would anyone pay gold for oil ?
The gold will still be there after the oil is consumed.

1 year ago

This support a view…EU and NATO leaders are playing popularity games to their constituents…Putin is reshaping the world order with brute and prowess

1 year ago

Russian and China didn’t like the World Economic Forum Plan for a New World Order. Putin is now pushing his New World Order Plan. Most Americans will be Dirt Poor by November unless Traitor Joe pulls out all the stops on American Oil exploration and production. The rest of America, including the Billionaires will be Dirt Poor by the 2024 Elections. That is if America still exist. The Foolish Billionaires still believe that the Russians and Chinese will allow them to keep their money.

the chair is against the wall
the chair is against the wall
1 year ago

The checkers clowns get spanked by a chess master and woke WARS are still weak.
Going all in full WWIII for the Kraine? Choose wisely.