Colonel Discusses the State of Affairs in Ukraine


Colonel MacGregor gave an honest assessment of the Ukraine- Russia conflict in a media world where you can’t tell the truth. Col. MacGregor was vilified by a reporter on Fox News with Trey Gowdy hosting. However, his only crime is not reporting the approved narrative. Col. MacGregor is very well-informed and Tucker gave him a voice. The media would like to silence him.

Bill O’Reilly even called him a Putin puppet who appears on RT all the time. I couldn’t find evidence of that.

MacGregor warned about Biden’s effort to cross the line by requesting Poland to allow Ukrainian pilots to get in Poland’s jets and fly back to Ukraine to bomb Russians. As he explained, it’s crossing the line and making NATO a party to the war.

He believes Russia has exercised restraint as NATO drops a lot of weaponry into Ukraine, but that would be a step too far.

As he said, Russia will only settle for a neutral Ukraine. The US should be de-escalating, not escalating this war. He added that both sides are not giving us accurate information.

Tucker asked what the goal is – is it to prolong the fighting?

Europeans will not stop buying Russian oil. China will stand with Russia. The sanctions could break down our financial system and won’t hurt Russia.

He’s being called a Putin puppet. After you listen to the clip, see if you hear anything wrong with what he said. His basic point is that in the end, it will be up to Putin and what kind of nation he wants in the end.

Watch: after the ad

Tucker believes we are heading for war and, with Biden, Harris, Sullivan, Jarret, Rice, Austin, Milley, MacKenzie in charge, that should terrify you.

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