No More Russian Dressing! That’ll Put the Hurt on Putin


Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and McDonald’s are temporarily closing their stores in Russia to virtue signal.

All Russian branded products are being pulled from Utah’s liquor stores. These are products they already bought.

Milan-based luxury group Prada and German sportswear maker Puma have decided to suspend operations at all their stores in Russia, both said on Saturday.

The Met kicked out a Russian opera singer, and some in the U.S. are renaming Stolichnaya Vodka to Stoli. And worse still, some restaurants won’t serve Russian dressing. How ever will they survive?

Not to be outdone, New York artists flew paper airplanes from every floor in the Guggenheim because they want a no-fly zone over Ukraine [which will start World War III].

As one person wrote on Twitter, the U.S. is “kindergarten with nukes.” At least the WOKEs are.

Putin sees this and realizes what a clown show we have going. It makes us look very weak.

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