Putin Responds to Nordic Nations’ Expansion of NATO with Missiles on the Border


Here comes the expansion and the Russian missiles! That is the Russian reaction to Nordic nations joining NATO. Putin is moving missiles to the border with Finland.

Finland is definitely applying for NATO and Sweden has signaled it will do the same as part of the NATO expansion.

Russian President Putin isn’t concerned about Sweden and Finland at the moment and doesn’t see them as an immediate threat. He sees NATO expansion as an existential threat. He’s also moving missiles to his border with Finland.

Actually, in the US, Joe Biden is an existential threat to Americans.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called NATO’s enlargement “a historic success.”


Putin said that further NATO enlargement “is a problem that has been created completely artificially since it is being done in the foreign policy interests of the United States.”

He added that the military bloc has been routinely used as a foreign policy instrument of one country – the US, but “quite persistently, skilfully and very aggressively.”

We know Biden isn’t doing it. The Soros-Obama people are behind this. Mitch seems all for it as well.

Finland and Sweden joining NATO don’t bother him, Putin claims.

“Russia has no problems with these states, and in this sense, the (NATO) expansion through the accession of these countries does not create an immediate threat for Russia. But the expansion of military infrastructure into this territory will certainly provoke our response,” Putin asserted.


So, there will be a response if NATO infrastructure moves closer to his border. At the same time, there is video showing nuclear-capable Russian missiles moving to the border with Finland.

He said the nature of Moscow’s response would depend on the particular threat posed by NATO.

“We will respond accordingly,” the Russian president stated.

Russia also reacted to the news on Monday, as video showed a battery of Iskander ballistic missile launchers – which can carry nukes – moving towards the border.

Footage posted on Russian social media claimed the rockets were heading towards Vyborg – a city located just 30 miles from Finland and 135 miles from Helsinki, putting the capital within easy range.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Conservatives are turning fast against our country. We see incredible corruption and destabilization of the world. Finland and Sweden must be getting financial incentives to want to join NATO. Ukraine is nowhere near the North Atlantic.

Americans who support this US behavior are self-destructive. We will eventually suffer greatly for these escalations. But, people who accept masks, poison jabs, election coups, … accept anything, they are already written off as robots. To think that Russia is an existential threat to the US instead of the enemy within is incredibly stupid.