Durham Trial Is a “Slippery Slope” and Our Institutions Are at Stake


The FBI notes about the Clinton-DNC cabal are going to “be put on blast” during the Sussman trial which begins this week, and our very institutions are at stake. John Durham has laid out a conspiracy and has named others who are subject to prosecution. He put the FBI, the media, and Clinton cabal together. What began as dirty tricks is now a most destructive force in our Republic.

Devin Nunes said these are documents that were hidden. Why does this matter? It matters because it’s a “slippery slope”. It was a game to the coup plotters, but then they continued when Donald Trump won, running a phony Russiagate probe.

Where are we today? Democrats did nothing and these political dirty tricks were allowed to continue, said Nunes. Now we have the erosion of all our US institutions. We have revolutionaries marching outside Justices’ homes and threatening them.

John Durham is the only person now positioned to expose it and clean it up, Nunes concluded.


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