Putin Wants the West to Know the “Ball of Vampires” Is Ending


In a recent interview, Vladimir Putin suggested that he sees the West as bloodsuckers and that they must understand that “the ball of vampires” is ending after 500 years. He’s referring to the buildup of nations joining BRICS and the consequent de-dollarization.

He sees the West as having parasitized other nations, or at least that is what he claims he thinks.

“This so-called “golden billion” for centuries, 500 years, practically parasitized other nations”: Vladimir Putin commented on the interest of other countries in the situation in Russia.

“They associate our struggle for independence and true sovereignty with their aspirations for their own sovereignty and independent development,” the president added in an interview with Dmitry Kiselev.

The Europeans had their negatives but brought civilization to these countries. The people who exploited Latin America were and are the communists. Currently, China is exploiting the world.

One of the reasons the West sees Ukraine as important is beyond any invasion that Russia is incapable of executing. It is because they want to use it as a base from which to topple Putin and Russia. They see the country as a threat to Western supremacy in the world. The West sees it as a battle of good and evil, even as it tries to incrementally erase sovereignty among its nations for a new world order.  Putin sees it as a battle of good and evil, but, in his view, the West is evil.

One of the worst things the West did was weaponize the monetary system—SWIFT. When they tied that to their goals, they told the world they’d better get free of it and the dollar. To the nations now joining BRICS, the West cannot be trusted.

Biden is destroying the US domestically and internationally.

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