Putin’s Lapdog Joe Biden Gutted US Energy and Made Russia Rich


The Biden Administration gutted America’s energy sector under the guidance of radical climate czar and longtime traitor Hanoi John Kerry. He gutted US energy and gave the business to Russia, Iran, and China. Biden is a Russian puppet. He is servile to our worst enemies.

Both Biden and Kerry have sold out to the World Economic Forum and their Build Back Better Great Reset. The WEF requires the destruction of the fossil fuel industry while nothing is ready to take its place.

We now see what turning over our energy to Russia has done. It has made them exceedingly rich, rich enough to invade Ukraine.

The Chinese Communists are doing nothing in terms of moving to alternative energy, except to sell it to us. They build coal plants every other week. They are having the last laugh as fools run our nation into the ground.

Watch the two clips:
Kerry is a fool but so is Biden, and together, they will push this insane war on fossil fuels until they destroy our economy with no way back.

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