Putin’s Shooting Space Junk at Western Astronauts Now


Putin is now endangering astronauts in space. He destroyed an old satellite that appeared to send 1500 pieces of debris into space. Astronauts had to take refuge in space pods, the Daily Mail reported.

Gee and Biden touted his credentials as a foreign relations genius. Who wouldn’t have thought this could happen?

The U.S. blasted Russia for “dangerous and irresponsible behavior” as if Biden doesn’t engage in the same behavior.

The Kremlin is also conducting tests in space. The tests have been criticized by the space community because of the risk they create for crews in low Earth orbit

NASA has not yet commented, but its Russian counterpart Roscomos downplayed the incident.

Tensions between Russia and the West have escalated in recent weeks as the Kremlin has been accused of fomenting instability on the Belarus-Poland border.

American officials have also grown alarmed over satellite images said to show a buildup of Russian military personnel along its frontier with Ukraine. Biden really cares about European borders but not U.S. borders.

The EU space commissioner was not happy.

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Rick Astley Rolls On
Rick Astley Rolls On
1 year ago

@ The Prisoner,

The CPUSA is in agreement with the entire agenda of the CCP as they are Long March fellow travelers.
A PBS documentary from circa 2000-2001 showed a Chinese VIP saying that letting America rise was a mistake that will be corrected which would have set off alarm klaxons in any serious nation.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

China can do anything they want in space, also, dump hundreds of thousands of tons of plastic into the ocean, and the sick, corrupt, woke, leftist USA says nothing. The USA is not credible.

1 year ago

This was shot across the bow to remind the Government that America is overly dependent on Satellite Technology.

Devolution Is Real
Devolution Is Real
1 year ago

Sham elections have consequences and Russia fears no Brandon or the fabulous simply divine rainbow 69th rump ranger brigade in pretty pink high heels.
Space Junk the classic Devo jam circa 1978!
The James Bond satellite that eats other satellites can’t be too far off or they are sitting on it because loose lips sink ships…of state.