Putin’s the New Covid & Rep. Ogles Wants Rep. Doomster Probed


After Rep. Turner tried to terrify Americans over Russia’s great threat or whatever, Rep. Ogles called for Speaker Johnson to formally open an inquiry into the Intel chair for his “reckless” approach.

Some said Putin is going to put nukes up in space, or maybe it has something to do with Putin’s hypersonic missiles. Maybe Putin has a nuke death star. Allegedly, Putin is developing scary space nukes, but they haven’t developed them yet. And, up to now, we heard the Russians are totally incompetent, and use tanks from World War II.

When questioned, Jake Sullivan said the $95 billion war bill should be passed.

We all know Rep. Turner did this at a time when the Senate wanted $95 billion to fund foreign wars with nothing for our border that cartels control. Rep. Turner votes for every Ukraine spending bill. So we put the two things together and think he has an ulterior motive. Sentinel thinks Rep. Turner is in the Uniparty, trying to scare the bejeebas out of us.

The Intel Committee is supposed to be in charge of oversight.

Rep. Turner is going to go into our clown world car and might win clown of the week.

Jesse Watters thinks so, too, and hopes he’s wrong, but he’s clearly not.

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