Qatari government starts a conservative network in US to be run by an ex-Fox exec


Al Jazeera, the Qatari government-owned media network, will start a conservative network called Rightly that will be run by a former Fox News editor. They want to generate content for an “underrepresented in today’s media environment.”

Scott Norvell, who worked at Fox News and News Corp for more than a decade, will head Rightly as its editor in chief.

The platform will launch its first opinion program on Thursday with additional programs to follow within the next few months.

The first show to air on the platform will be hosted by conservative political commentator Stephen Kent .

Al Jazeera had a network in the U.S. but it failed. However, they kept a presence on social media.

It’s funny seeing them go into conservative media since they are left-wing and propagandize news.

Sounds good anyway. We can’t have enough outlets for conservatives.


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