Fauci’s Boss, Dr. Francis Collins, Marvels at Trump’s “Breathtaking” Warp Speed Success


Did you know that Dr. Anthony Fauci (“Saint Tony”) actually answers to an earth-bound “higher power”? No one would blame you for not knowing that, because there are times “The Fauche” seems wholly unaware of it.

But he does have a boss.  And on Monday, that gentleman, National Institutes of Health director Dr. Francis Collins, had some very kind words to say regarding former President Trump’s unprecedented vaccine initiative, Operation Warp Speed.

Speaking to “Axios on HBO” he was surprisingly candid in heaping praise on the groundbreaking program.

“The Operation Warp Speed, for which I give a great deal of credit to [former Health and Human Services] Secretary [Alex] Azar, was an effort that many of us were not initially convinced was going to be necessary,” Collins told the program.

“It was thought about as a Manhattan Project,” he continued, referring to the US-led program during WW II that developed the first atomic bomb.

“Those words were used sometimes to describe what needed to happen in order to get all parts of the government together in an unprecedented way to test up to six vaccines in rigorous trials, and to do this at-risk manufacturing so that if any of those trials happen to work, you would already have doses ready to go into arms,” Collins added, “That would not be the way things are traditionally done.”

Dr. Collins went on to mention Dr. Moncef Slaoui, who led Operation Warp Speed under Trump, calling his recruitment “an incredibly important step forward that the administration deserves credit for because that did motivate a lot of actions, a lot of coordination.”

The NIH director also marveled at the speed at which pharma giants such as Moderna and Pfizer developed vaccines with such high efficacy rates that were approved by the FDA by mid-December.

“It’s just breathtaking that that got done in 11 months from when we first knew about this virus. It is at least five years faster than it has ever been done before.”

Hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of lives were saved, in large part, because a non-traditional president insisted on searching for a vaccine in a way not “traditionally done”.

No mention of Tony Fauci in Dr. Collins remarks hailing the Trump-led effort, which means you’ll have to look hard to find this truly uplifting story; on venues outside the Independent Sentinel.



  1. Deplatforming, exiled to a gulag by tomorrow morning.
    A decrease in rations and pension null and void.
    How dare he praise the bad orange man!
    Thoughtcrime is wrongthink.

  2. My bet is that Collins is gone very soon… and her departure will be followed by yet another double-talking performance by Dr. FAUXchi, telling us all that the virus will be over within the next 24 months, unless its not or may be, but only if Trump isn’t elected in 2024 but if he is and Dr. Fauxchi keeps his job, then everything will be ok… until it isn’t. Remember, we have to flatten the curve, then bury the curve, then dig up the curve, then put the curve on a diet to smooth out the curves and at the same time make sure Dr. FAUXchi is allowed to do that which he does best: SELF-PROMOTE HIS FACE ON THE ENEMEDIA.

  3. Amazing what was accomplished under President Trump. Unfortunately, his efforts get acknowledged after the fact. History will reveal that he was one of the best President’s ever elected.

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