Quarantine facilities and potential government surveillance lists


The WOKE left is preparing at least one quarantine facility for Americans, perhaps getting ready for the next pandemic if this one doesn’t continue to work out. They are controlling us with this pandemic — going way beyond what they need to do. We are being trained like dogs to do what they say.

The facility is located in Washington State and they are looking for staff. They have specially equipped vans to separate the captives from the driver — for their health and safety.

“Team members provide for all aspects of the ‘guest’s’ stay to include providing laundry services, delivering hygiene products, delivering ready-made foods or microwaveable foods to the guests,” states the job description.

“People who test positive for COVID-19 or who are exposed to someone who tests positive are asked to isolate or quarantine (I & Q) away from other people for 10 to 14 days in order to reduce risk of transmitting the virus to others,” states the Washington Department of Health website. “Most people are able to isolate or quarantine in their own homes. In Washington State, providing for I & Q is the responsibility of local jurisdictions.”


According to Summit News, one woman, Ms. Bev Foley,  received a phone call from the CDC’s National Immunization Surveys (NIS). The group claims she was told she wasn’t on the federal agency’s ‘vaxxed list.’ She was then “shamed” and “pressured” into getting vaxxed.

We called the number. An automated voice does say they are the CDC’s National Immunization Survey. They added they are operating in conjunction with the University of Chicago. We didn’t leave a message.

Ms. Foley asked the CDC staffer how they knew she was or wasn’t vaccinated. The CDC worker purportedly said that she was called since she “wasn’t on the CDC vaxxed list.”

Bullying Ms. Foley

According to this branch of the CDC, “The National Immunization Surveys (NIS) are a group of telephone surveys sponsored and conducted by CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD).” They do interviews as well, but Ms. Foley was shamed during the call.

“So we’re being tracked now, shamed and pressured by phone calls,” states Foley.

This strikes us as real. If this anecdotal information is correct, the government has lists of people by vaccination.

Ms. Foley posted a screenshot from the call on Facebook:


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