Nearly 500,000 Flee New York Crime and Taxes


High-earning taxpayers are leaving New York, and it cost the state $19.5 billion. That is confirmed by the IRS. They are fleeing the high taxes and the rising crime rates. No other state is losing as many residents.

Tracking returns filed in 2019 and 2020 showed that 479,826 people left New York for another state or country in those years. Only 231,439 people moved to the state. That’s a net loss of 248,387 residents. They took their $19.5 billion with them, Just the News reports.

New Jersey and Florida were the biggest beneficiaries.

While unelected Governor Kathy Hochul worries about “X’s” marking genders on driver’s licenses, crime is still rampant. Asians are still abused. Criminals still get out of prison without bail, even after committing violent crimes.

As this Asian man is beaten by a non-white supremacist, onlookers do nothing.


New York doesn’t have a gun problem or a white supremacist problem, but they do have a gang problem.

In the case below, Nikki Huang and ex-college hoopster Jesse Parrilla, 22, were executed in a series of retaliatory shootings that erupted after Huang griped to her gangster pals that a rival crew mugged her last Sunday, stealing her handbag, the sources said Thursday.

Jesse Parrilla was totally innocent. What he did wrong was give Nikki Huang a ride on that Sunday in May.

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