Chicago’s Weekend-51 Shot, 9 Killed, & a Couple of Mass Shootings- But Joe a No-show


Chicago’s Weekend-51 Shot, 9 Killed, & a Couple of Mass Shootings- But Joe a No-show

Chicago experienced its most violent Memorial Day weekend in five years — 9 killed, 42 wounded — despite stepped up police patrols and a focus on neighborhood programs that city officials hoped would provide peaceful alternatives.

One of the “alternatives” included weekend programs in 15 high-crime neighborhoods — including music-and-game-filled “kickbacks” with DJs — to be held into the night.  The point was to close high crime timeline gaps pinpointed in conversations with young people in those neighborhoods.

On Saturday, faith leaders marched for peace right down Michigan Avenue.  “There will be no silence till we end the violence,” a group of about 50 people chanted as they marched to Millennium Park.

All that, apparently to no avail.  Among the overall carnage, Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago suffered two mass shootings.

Sunday, a man was killed and four others wounded, including a gunman, during a domestic incident.  The shooting led to a standoff with a police SWAT team. A gunman, 23, was arrested over an hour later and treated for a gunshot wound, police said.

Earlier that same day 5 people were wounded after gunmen opened fire on a crowd marking the anniversary of another teen’s killing. A 16-year-old girl was among those shot.  It may be only by the grace of God this did not become a killing field. Shell casings and at least 97 evidence markers could be seen in the street outside Daniel Webster Elementary School.

So 51 shot and 9 murdered including a mass shooting at an elementary school.  Another horrific weekend in Chi-town, which is run by a wholly incompetent, to the point of being dangerous, Democrat mayor.

And another, “Ho, hum. Nothing new to see here.”, from the same cabal of Dems who race to politicize gun violence when they feel it suits their personal interests.  Hey, but it’s only mostly minority gang members, a number of whom likely came across our open southern border, killing other minorities.

Wow, can’t have that story told!  So cowardly Joe remains, a definite No-Show, while a feckless media never asks him why these kinds of murders and mass shootings never seem to move him.

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