CCP Appears in a Shocking % of Google, Bing, YouTube Search Results


People may not be aware that China has the ability to influence people throughout the world with a vast network of covert and overt communication vehicles, including wolf warrior diplomats, pro-China trolls, and paid social media influencers. They are using it very successfully in Internet search and news results, as well as on YouTube

Foreign policy at Brookings Institute conducted a study in conjunction with the Alliance for Securing Democracy. They gathered daily data over 120 days ending in February of both Google News and Search and Bing News, and Google-owned You tube. The data was of search terms related to COVID-19 and Xinjiang. Xinjiang is where Uighurs are enslaved.

They found that more than 21% of the results were from China state run sources. The news-focused search products of Google and Microsoft Bing more frequently produced results elevating Chinese state run media than even their main search engines.

“Chinese state media accounted for roughly 22% of the observed pages and 25% of observed channels in search results for queried topics related to Xinjiang and the origins of the coronavirus on news and YouTube searches, respectively,” the report said. “By comparison, Chinese state media accounted for only 6% of results for the same queried topics on Google and Bing web search.”


Google says it’s fighting coordinated influence and censorship operations. They will look into the study’s findings.

However, Sen.Ted Cruz was asked about the study’s findings. He said large tech companies have made concessions to China. They do it for access to the communist countries market.

“Unfortunately, just like Hollywood, Big Tech has shown itself all too willing to censor and self-censor for access to China’s market,” Mr. Cruz said in a statement to The Washington Times. “Congress has and should use its full authority to rein in Big Tech’s censorship and abuse,” The Washington Times reports.


The study doesn’t prove it is deliberate.

The studies authors couldn’t tell if the search engine vulnerabilities were manipulated. The search engines are possibly responding to the overwhelming volume of content and newness of it.

The report doesn’t prove this is deliberate on China’s part. Regardless they concluded deliberate or not there is a negative impact on the integrity of search environments findings.

Search and you will get Chinese Communist search results roughly one out of four times.

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1 year ago

The CCP has this power because the Traitors in Big Tech sold out to the Chinese and the American Government let them do it. Hell, the Clinton Family encouraged it. How do you think so many people go into Congress without a pot to piss in and end up multi-millionaires?

1 year ago

I’m surprised its 1 out of 3 search results given that the CCP controls both BigTech and the Obiden Junta.