Quick read: Biden plan for energy, healthcare, and more


Tyrannical leftists always tell you the right is guilty of what they are doing. They conceal what they are doing because the goal is to take complete control over you and your lives.

Joe Biden wants to abolish oil, natural, gas, clean coal, and replace it with a pipe dream. These industries keep the everyman in jobs — shippers, truckers, packers, farmers, office workers — and so many others. We are finally independent of foreign oil and that is what Democrats wanted at one time. They no longer do.

They want us to destroy our entire energy system, every bit of it and become dependent on Chinese solar panels, suffer brownouts and blackouts, give up our air conditioning and gasoline-powered cars when there is nothing feasible and affordable to replace them.

This would destroy the USA and it would become a serious national security threat.


Biden made faces and smirked when President Trump said AOC was responsible for his energy policy but on page 6 of his energy plan, John Kerry and AOC are authors and co-chairs of the horrendous Biden plan. Radical Gena McCarthy, formerly of the EPA under Obama, is on the list along with candidate Connor Lamb.

Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but Democrats continue to spread the lie.

Biden will do what Obama did, shut down power plants with heavy and impossible regulations. Prices of electricity will skyrocket and we will no longer have abundant electricity.

How will you put A/C and heat in your buildings? What kind of windows if any will we have? You won’t. There will be national zoning, and in five years you will have to start retrofitting buildings and at some point houses. As they do this, they will produce charging stations for electric cars and school buses but they will destroy electricity as they do it.

It will knock out our energy grid. Russia, the Middle East, and China will then have control of our energy, and us.

According to the plan, they will build 60,000 huge, loud wind turbines and a half billion solar panels in five years. It won’t happen but they will destroy all of our electricity in the meantime to get ready for it.

By 2030, they will go to net-zero gas emissions in all buildings, the plan states.

This is just energy.

Donald Trump tried to explain China, India, not the USA are polluting the earth, but he kept getting interrupted by Kristen Welker — 45 times in fact.

This is Marxism. They will tell you what car you can drive, what house you can live in, how many cars you can own, how much power you can use. When you give power to the big government, the iron fist of government will get bigger and bigger because no government can provide what they will demand. Resistance will grow and the government will use more force to control us.

And what about our military?

Biden is concealing what he will do. He slipped and told the truth during the debate:

He will end fracking and has said so many times. Since he is somewhat senile, he often slips if given more than two minutes to speak:


As for his lies about healthcare, he said he will not offer the public option to everyone. That is a lie. On page 31, he says he will. That will destroy all health insurance companies. He is not taking Obamacare and building it back better. He’s forcing government healthcare down our throats with lies.




The poor people coming from communist lands will need the handouts and will vote Democrat forever. It will be the end of the two-party system and will be the beginning of the one-part communist state.


They will stack the court and take your liberties away:

Biden is lying about his tax plan affecting only the rich. He will eliminate the Trump tax plan which will raise taxes on all middle class, even lower-middle-class Americans. If you make $40,000 a year, you will lose about $2,000 in your paycheck. According to a Hoover-Stanford study, his tax plan will cost 5 million jobs.

His energy plan will do the same or worse.

The economic tax plan will push affluent people and companies out of the country. Biden is promising everything for free and he will easily double the debt. Our savings will dwindle as the dollar crashes.


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