Racist CRT lunatics abuse white students at ASU


Biden’s-Democrat’s USA applauds vicious racism against white people, especially white men. It’s lauded and encouraged.

Recently, two white male students, who were studying in an ASU (Arizona State) room meant for exactly that, were berated, slandered, and told to get out by abusive leftists of color who sounded like psychos.

The white students were minding their own business at the time. One had a police sticker on his computer which riled up the crazed CRTers.

The video was filmed by a self-identified Black student, who wanted the men to leave the campus study hall by shouting racist epithets, and claiming that they were not of the proper race to commune at the campus hall.

“You’re offensive,” shouted the Black student, accompanied by another student. “You’re making this space uncomfortable.”

“I wasn’t trying to offend you guys,” said one of the White students, with fellow ASU undergrads in the background also attempting to cool down the race-baiters filming the video.

Ironically, the room they were in is called a multicultural center.

In case you missed it:

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8 months ago

The race-baiter students are bullies and both have an inferiority complex. Bullying makes them feel superior.

But Muh Democracy
But Muh Democracy
9 months ago

If race is a social construct then how is there any racism?
The same could be applied to sexism and don’t tell the enlightened ones but there are only two genders on the Prius coexist sticker, it needs to be expanded to fit all the way across the back of the car.
I thought we were all equal and the same in the glorious egalitarian unity collective? (sarc)

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
9 months ago

Their mistake was trying to get along with these racists who have no clue of being an American. Multiculturalism? How’s that working out for us. Diversity isn’t strength, unity is and multiculturalism in nowhere close to unity. What these male students should had done is ignore them or if harassment continued they should have called security. If they were removed by security they should sue the school because the ASU administration is allowing this. I know this sounds easy for my old white arse to say but that is what is needed and it is the young peoples’ fight. They’re the ones who must fight because it does no good for only old people to do it.