Donald Trump honors our 13 service members killed in Kabul


Unlike Joe Biden, Donald Trump respects and cares about our Armed Forces. During the rally in Perry, Georgia last night, Donald Trump remembered those 13 murdered service members in Kabul. Biden won’t even mention them, and the media has put them in the rearview mirror, along with the people stranded in the country.

“In Afghanistan, he humiliated our nation with the most appalling display of incompetence by an American President in American history,” Trump began.

“13 great young warriors were murdered and many injured, and a total of 170 people were killed with many people very badly wounded. In their memory tonight we have 13 empty seats of honor right here in the front row. Our hearts go out to the families of every service member that we have lost. I have spoken to a lot of them. These are great, great people,” Trump said as the crowd applauded.


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two legs bad
two legs bad
2 years ago

It probably was to make that PR photo op and declare peace in our time at the UN (Global Soviet).
The Derp State is running on fumes of horrid flatulence as they flail and FAIL. Good, good.
Henry Kissinger revealed what the apparatchiks think about the troops when he called them poor dumb animals.
Who will enforce the mandatory vax after the troops are thrown overboard? Meet the replacements and that civilian army Hussein Hopenchange spoke of.
Wayne Allen Root has an interesting editorial about what if 1/3 of all military, police, EMS, just walk away and the CCP is loving it!
Beijing Biden will deliver the prize to his paymasters by any means necessary.