Racist Dems attack Larry Elder with eggs, one wears a gorilla mask


California recall candidate Larry Elder had eggs thrown at him and his campaign team Wednesday at a campaign stop in Los Angeles. At least one egg was thrown by a woman in a gorilla mask.

It just shows who the real racists are. Democrats are terrible racists.

Mr. Elder and his campaign team were walking through a Venice neighborhood to tour a homeless encampment when the woman, who was sitting on a bike with a gorilla face, hurled an egg at the back of the Republican candidate. She missed him and others in his group.

A man who appeared to be part of Mr. Elder’s security detail approached the woman from behind, prompting her to yell “don’t touch me again” and punched him. Others shouted at and jostled him.

In the ensuing scuffle, the man appeared to have an egg thrown at his head before he left and joined the campaign entourage, which escorted Mr. Elder to an SUV and drove away.

Kevin Yang, a Venice local who watched the assault, told California Globe that “the gorilla lady hit the one guy, and more eggs were thrown. Then this white SUV just drove away, which I later found out that Elder had been in.”

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