Racist Oregonians to vaccinate all minorities before whites


Oregon plans to give minorities preference over whites in access to the coronavirus vaccine, which is unconstitutional.

After vaccinating healthcare workers, teachers, and seniors, Oregon plans to vaccinate “people in communities of color, specifically those most impacted by the pandemic: ‘Black, African-American, Hispanic/Latino/Latinx, indigenous peoples, tribal and urban-based native communities, and Pacific Islanders.’”

Pacific Islanders are one percent of the cases, not much of a distinction. Blacks are 3% of cases but 2% of the population. Statistically, that’s not out of the ordinary, especially since they mostly live in one part of the state.

The racial differences in disease rates aren’t based on genetic susceptibility. Hispanics, who have a lot of white DNA, are the most disproportionately impacted. They account for 36% of COVID-19 cases in Oregon, despite being only 13% of Oregon’s population. People who have looked at similar or larger disparities in other states have concluded that they are not due to racism, but rather due to other factors, such as Hispanics being a disproportionate share of the essential workforce exempt from government lockdowns, or their living in densely-populated apartment buildings.

However, leftists are flat-earthers. They don’t care about science. The ideology is all that matters, and they want to favor one race over another since they are racists.


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