Trump offers hotel to police in DC and the Left demeans him for it


President Trump offered the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. to the police who went to D.C. to take breaks. They were in D.C. to protect the politicians although there was no intelligence indicating there was a threat. Donald Trump offered the hotel to the troops as well. It was dubbed ‘America’s living room.’

It is heartwarming, but not to the fascists on Twitter.


The Twitter fascists went wild. Even a good deed becomes fodder for their hate mill. Here are a few of the nasty reactions:

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A Stinger In the Tail
A Stinger In the Tail
1 year ago

Wasn’t the historic sneakers czar comrade kommissarina Kamala once affiliated with law enforcement?
Shh…don’t tell the comrades because they won’t like useless idiot status rubbed in their faces.
The CPUSA hates the police and military, who do they think will have their backs under the most popular regime ever?
Tucker was right about how can people who hate this country govern it.
That has been immortalized in the hall of memes.