Radical DHS chief tells cartels bringing illegal alien children to wait a few weeks


This new DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas is a fraud and an open borders activist. He’s dismantling ICE and inviting children to come up with cartels. The cartels control the order. Everyone who comes up illegally comes with cartels.

He wants them to come illegally but in a few weeks when they have better containers for them to live in.

Our administration is in business with cartels, dangerous criminals. We partner with them as they bring the children and others up to the border.

There is nothing humanitarian about what the administration is doing.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

This is getting out of hand and something drastic has to be done before we’re over run with illegal, gang bangers, anarchist and terrorists

Mister Mills
Mister Mills
2 years ago

Das Heimat Schutzen (Homeland Security) is infiltrating with fellow travelers?
Why that is almost like former East Germany STASI youth corps member comrade kommissarina Merkel invading her own country.
I wonder if they want chaos, disorder, mismanagement, misery, resource scarcity, enviromental degradation due to overpopulation?
Hmm…so hmm.