Running out of resources at the border, children to be given to people without IDs


On Monday, the Department of Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas again said that the U.S. doesn’t have a border crisis. Press Secretary Jen Psaki has said the same. That isn’t true. They’re lying.

About 117,000 unaccompanied children are expected this year but the administration will likely run out of resources by the end of March.

Axios learned at the DHS briefing noted that they need about 20,000 beds.

“I actually think that’s an undercount,” Victor Manjarrez, Jr., a former senior Border Patrol agent who teaches about law and human behavior at the University of Texas at El Paso, told the Washington Examiner.

Manjarrez pointed to the Biden administration’s decision to discontinue the 10-month practice of returning all unaccompanied children to Mexico rather than bringing them into U.S. custody as a leading factor for smugglers sending 2,000 children over the border each week this month.

After taking office in January, Mayorkas directed border officials to keep the children from being deported. He is encouraging this crisis and making it impossible for ICE to do their job. As he dismantles the immigration system, he pretends the opposite is true.



HHS has new guidelines to help get children out of the centers as soon as possible. They pay for transportation if the child’s sponsor can’t. Also, sponsors no longer have to prove a relationship to the child. And they no longer ask for a sponsor’s social security number.

In other words, they are going to pass these children off to unidentifiable sponsors. They could be traffickers. This administration doesn’t give a damn about these kids. They are willing to hand them over to anyone.

This is so disgusting. These are kids and we have no idea who will take them in.

Mayorkas is an open border activist and nut. He is calling the parents who send their children up with cartels, loving parents.

“We are not apprehending a 9-year-old child, who has come alone, who has traversed Mexico, whose parents … whose loving parents sent that child alone, we’re not expelling that 9-year-old child to Mexico when that child’s country of origin was Guatemala, Honduras, or El Salvador,” Mayorkas said.

These parents are not loving parents. They sent their kids up with criminals so they could get into the country easily. They’re bums.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

This administration is pathetic and incompetent and they certainly don’t give a damn about our national security.

Leather Duster Six Shooters
Leather Duster Six Shooters
2 years ago

Build Bidenvilles with storage sheds. Have a communal bath/shower house.
Wal-Mart (CCP) could supply basic rations as part of the unity (conformity) collective.
Pay teachers from their home countries to teach rudimentary English such as reading road signs, menu or food ordering, give them pay on a Chicago teacher’s union scale.
We’re all in this together and everybody is supposed to help with the build communism back better fundamental transformation.
Everyone who voted for Xi Obiden should chip in for the great leap forward and if they have an empty nest or large backyard they should open it up to these comrades.
Forward! Yes we can.