Radicals Vandalize Abe Lincoln Statue in the Blue Hellhole of NYC


Lunatics vandalized a statue of a hero – Abraham Lincoln – in the blue hellhole of New York City. No one will do anything about it, so the communists will continue to run wild. Many of these people need to be deported ASAP.

This is disgusting, and the police should be allowed to do their job, but they’re not.

They want to free Gaza, and that’s exactly what Israel is trying to do by destroying Hamas.

You will notice that the Islamofascists, not to be confused with normal Muslims, have joined forces with the communist Antifa and Black Lives Matter youth. It’s a dangerous movement that should have been addressed years ago. They have chapters on many of our universities and want to overthrow our government.

It’s not rioters on J6 you have to worry about, but rather our administration and these radical lunatics. J6 is a distraction from the actual threat.

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1 month ago

We white people are so stupid. We import roaches and then wonder why we get a roach infestation.We should be protesting in the streets,pounding on our representatives doors and flooding Washington with emails, letters and actual protests. Instead we do nothing. Merry Christmas and to all a goodnight!