Raging Leftist Confesses to Hacking GiveSendGo-Worked for US DoD Last Year?


Steve Oatley, the host of Wake Up America, said that the man who says he hacked GiveSendGo, Aubrey Cottle, claimed to have worked as a contractor for the U.S. DoD as recently as last year.

He also worked for Trudeau’s lousy government – allegedly.

All of this is alleged but he is confessing online.

The U.S. DoD is useless and could be hiring criminals. They’re very busy these days with fake systemic racism and anti-white, anti-American Marxism.

Cottle, aka Kirtaner, is alleged to be is a leftist black hat who tries to harm and destroy the lives of people the left hates.

If he’s not concerned about getting arrested, who does he feel is protecting him, or is he lying?

Cottle is the founder of the radical group, Anonymous.

Watch, he’s crazy:

Allegedly, Cottle is also a member of REvil, a Ransomware group that extorts money from companies.

After he doxed innocent trucker donors to get them fired or shunned, people on Twitter doxed him. Sounds fair but he likely doesn’t care.

He’s been doxed but it won’t bother him:

He confessed and, if guilty, he needs to go to prison.


GiveSendGo founder Jacob Wells told Fox News Digital that some of the actors who seem to have been taking responsibility for hacking into the Freedom Convoy’s fundraising campaign “have histories in some pretty nefarious attacks.” Wells has called on the FBI and governmental investigative agencies in Canada to hunt down these hackers.

“This seems well-orchestrated,” he said Wednesday. “There’s strong political motivations behind this.”

“This is illegal, and these people should be going to jail,” Wells told Fox News Digital. “The FBI — I mean, it’s surprising that we haven’t heard from any investigative services. We will be reaching out ourselves to just see that there’s some investigation into this. This is completely unacceptable.”

It’s really not surprising. The FBI is useless and corrupt. They won’t do anything.

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1 year ago

If the US Government would stop the building of back doors and monitoring of people via applications the user is told enhances “their experience”, it would be a lot harder to hack systems and websites. Your network security goes out the window the first time just one user doesn’t unclick the “send data to improve……” box. These should be against the law. It should be illegal for ANY SOFTWARE to call home to the manufacture to tell them what you are doing. Any program that does this opens your network or computer up to compromise. Then there is the issue of browsers getting direct access to the CPU, no OS or Browser should allow this, much less applications loading spreadsheets and documents. All Applications need to run in a sandbox that can NEVER get Administrative access without some serious user interaction and warning to network administrators.

We need serious certified DNS servers that users can direct access too that only point to known safe websites. For instance, when a child is given access to a computer the Administrator should be able to enter content level access and that should only allow access to DNS servers certified to block access to inappropriate material. There needs to be DNS servers for business that only allow access to known virus free sites. Personally, I spend a lot of time maintaining a white list, but if my children go to school or access some outside Network all bets are off. I’m now looking at the idea of a VPN that always routes their laptop through my router and firewall no matter where they connect. Parents and Network managers shouldn’t have go to these extremes to protect their networks. This is one area that Government needs to keep High Tech in line.

I’m a Libertarian at heart, but this is where Government needs to regulate the Internet. The Government should force Tech to certify every safe site and make it clear to users who owns these certified sites and that they are safe. Big Tech should be held liable for mislabeling their sites as safe. For instance, a bank should have to certify what IP addresses are used and only those IP address can be in the certified pool of known good Bank IPs. This would make it much harder to spoof a bank’s website. Remember when you called the operator for the phone number of your bank and only got a valid phone number from Ma Bell, This is what you should get from a Government Certified DNS Server and Company certifying their server as having only know good sites and not tracking users should be heavily fined for screwing up. The cost should be paid for by businesses certifying on the site and those companies should then become liable for dangerous content also.

Sites like FB and Twitter should not be legally allowed to block content, but “rate” it. If I turn “ratings” off, I should be able to access all content ever posted without warnings. That is what 230 was supposed to allow, free speech without liability to the site owners. As soon as a site owner edits or removes content they become like a news paper editor and should then should be liable for everything they do, but right now Big Tech is being allowed to have it both ways.

Sites like GiveSendGo should never have to worry about hackers like Aubrey Cottle. It will take the Government looking over the shoulder of Big Tech to create backdoor free software and Certified virus free DNS servers and businesses on those DNS servers certifying they are virus free. Virus Free also means content monitoring free. Big Tech is making the Internet more and more like the Wild West. A role of Government is ensuring there are “civilized” cities on the Internet where there is Law & Order, without limiting any speech of content for those who want to lie in the Wild Wild West Internet Environment.

There also needs to be “Community Seals of Approval” in these Civilized Internet Cities. I remember the early days of AOL where you dialed into AOL and only saw AOL content unless you actively accessed the Internet. We need more Civilized Internet Cities like the early days of AOL, especially for our children and these Cities need a lot of “Community” and Government monitoring. I believe that every State or even county should be required to have their school system online where everyone can see what is taught in their local schools. If it’s not publicly available on those school sites, including every text book and every book in the school library, it can’t be in the school. Schools, Government or Private, should never be able to pollute the minds of our children. I would go as far as parents being able to go online and OK every book their child accesses from a school library after seeing some of the filth and pornography in school libraries. The only good thing that came out of the Covid Hoax and lock-downs was parents got to actually see the crap being taught to our children.

We need a safer hacker free Internet and far more control over what our children have access to on the internet and in schools. We also need Government to protect ALL our personal information under copy write laws and stop the Big Tech and Government spying on personal Internet activity, no more scanning of Emails and collecting Meta Data. If a Company allows your data to be hacked you should be able to sue them even for the potential possible losses. Business must protect your data. Your data should be as safe in a Business Data base as it was 60 years ago in a locked file cabinet in a locked office in a locked building with a security guard. Hacking should be almost none existent, but the Government likes back doors and the ability to hack your information! Stopping Hacking, Starts with Stopping Government!