Rallies Monday in 160 cities were led by Poor Peoples’ Campaign who want communism


There were rallies of workers yesterday and they were led by ‘The Poor Peoples’ Campaign,’  founded by the very, very far left Pastor William Barber.

Rev. Barber

It’s another Black Lives Matter Global Foundation with a great deal of money. The group claims 20,000 workers in 160 cities walked off the job under the banner of the Poor Peoples’ Campaign. Most of them only took an hour – probably their lunch.

In their own words, they want communism. The following are their DEMANDS, enumerated this evening on Bill O’Reilly’s podcast:

  1. “Fully funded public resources and access to mental health professionals in addiction recovery programs.” That means all mental health and rehab programs paid for by the government (the US taxpayer).
  2. “We demand relief from crushing households, student, and consumer debt.” The US government gets to pay for all their debt, all of it. Poor people will have no debt, courtesy of the producers in the country.
  3. “We demand relief from wealth inequality.” They want a guaranteed wage.  This is communism.
  4. “We demand an end to military aggression and warmongering.” They want to do away with the Pentagon.
  5. “End cash bail, predatory fines, and fees on the poor.” That means if you are poor, you commit a crime, you do not get punished.
  6. Finally, “demand a permanent, guaranteed, inadequate annual income, universal income.” So you would be paid whether you work or not. This is communism.

The group wants communism.

Can you guess who funds it? That’s right, you guessed it, George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. They are giving the organization $150 million, a staggering sum by any account.  It will be spread out over five years.

George Soros laughs when he’s called a communist but, of course, he appears to be a communist.

The money is going to the Black Lives Matter Global Foundation and the Poor Peoples’ Campaign — communists.

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