Biden’s interviewing with radical anti-Semite Linda Sarsour now


Renowned anti-Semite Linda Sarsour was the interviewer during a recent phone call by Joe Biden to the nation’s largest Muslim-American PAC. It was televised from his basement. He promised her he would end the Trump travel ban and ‘Islamicphobia’.

As an aside, the Trump travel ban was similar to the Obama travel ban and the Bush travel ban.

“If I have the honor of being president, I will end the Muslim ban on day one, day one,” Biden said during the “Million Muslim Votes Summit” call hosted by Emgage Action which endorsed his White House bid in April.

“One of the things I think is important, I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith,” he said while accusing President Trump of “fanning the flames of hate.”

Presumptive Democrat nominee for president, Joe Biden also railed against what he called “Islamicphobia” in the call attended by a handful of Muslim political activists — including anti-Zionist Sarsour.

The PAC has committed to turning out one million Muslim voters for Biden and promised to “deliver” him the battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Florida in November.

Biden has promised to hire Muslims in his administration and pass hate crime legislation. he has even quoted from the Koran of late


Sarsour, a Palestinian-American activist and Bernie Sanders surrogate with a history of anti-Semitic remarks, gave a tepid endorsement of Biden at best.

She has called for jihad against the President and condemned assimilation. Sarsour was an organizer of the anti-Semitic far left group, The Women’s March. In 2017, she railed against the 22 states that have anti-Sharia laws. Sharia and the Constitution cannot co-exist.



On the phone call, she gave Biden a tepid endorsement.

“This is not about who you like and who you don’t like, it’s about whether you want to defeat fascism in America,” she said.

“This election for me is not about Joe Biden,” she continued before quickly steering the conversation toward Palestine.

The very far left outlet, The Intercept, loves to glorify her and claim it’s the far-right alone who “hate” her. You can read this puff piece on this link.

We live in an age of lies, communism, and fascism.

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