Ramaswamy Open to Legalizing Hard Drugs to Relieve Addictions


While on the campaign trail in recent weeks, Ramaswamy frequently addressed the issue surrounding the war on drugs and the tragic prevalence of fentanyl deaths and has offered what he’s called a “bold” willingness to cross boundaries to address the demand side of the drug market to prevent such tragedies.

On the campaign trail, Vivek Ramaswamy addressed the issue surrounding the war on drugs and the increasing number of fentanyl deaths. He said he has a “bold” willingness to address the demand side to prevent tragedies.

Vivek Ramaswamy

Isn’t that what San Francisco is doing with their open-air drug markets?

“You don’t hear me talk about the war on drugs. I’m not a war on drugs person,” Ramaswamy said while appearing at a Free State Project event in New Hampshire in June.

People in New Hampshire tend to lean Libertarian and would welcome that approach.

Ramaswamy said he was “probably the only person in the modern history” of the Republican Party open to a conversation about providing “off ramps” for people to access certain hard drugs, such as “psychedelics, from ayahuasca to ketamine.”

He highlighted veterans and people with PTSD but said others might have access to certain hard drugs.

He said it could provide “an alternative path.”

“I’m eyes wide open and willing to be bold in crossing boundaries we haven’t yet crossed to address the demand side of this as well,” Ramaswamy said.

“I think in the long run, and I’m talking about over a long run period of time, decriminalization, serially, is an important part of the long run solution here. … That’s gotta be part of the solution,” he later added.

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