Rand Paul blasts his colleagues: forget spending, open the economy


Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky excoriated his colleagues in Congress for attempting to provide relief to Americans while putting the country in debt instead of opening up the economy.

“If you print up billions of dollars and give it to people, they are unlikely to spend it until you end the quarantine,” said Paul in his speech on the Senate floor on Tuesday. He just returned from his battle with coronavirus.

“The virus is still dangerous,” he added, “and we shouldn’t ignore the risks, but we should put those risks in perspective!”

Paul said that randomized studies show that America can manage the coronavirus without continuing the “draconian” lockdown policies.

“So today I arise in opposition to spending $500 billion more. The virus bailouts have already cost over two trillion dollars. Our annual deficit this year will approach four trillion dollars!” he said.

“We can’t continue on this course!” Paul added.

“No amount of bailout dollars will stimulate an economy that is being strangled by quarantine!” he exclaimed. “It is not a lack of money that plagues us, but a lack of commerce!”

Paul praised Americans on the frontline and then focused on the coming calamity.

“With the recent $2 trillion bailout we are borrowing faster than we have ever borrowed before!” he continued. “Had we practiced sound budgeting in the past, we would have been better, significantly better positioned to weather this storm.”

“Make no mistake. The massive economic calamity we’re experiencing right now is caused by government. Passing out $1,200 checks indiscriminately, to people who haven’t lost their job, will do nothing to rescue the country!” he explained.

“Our recovery only comes when the quarantine is ended,” Paul added.

The Cure is Worse Than the Disease

“We need to get past a one-size-fits-all approach to infectious disease!” he said.

“I don’t want to see this massive accumulation of debt destroy this great country,” Paul concluded. “So my advice to the Senate and to the American people is, let’s be aware of what we’re doing by creating all this new debt and let’s think before we jump to a terrible, terrible conclusion.”




  1. I heard out Governor say the Association wants FIVE HUNDRED BILLION dollars of discretionary spending to use in their general funds, for things like “infrastructure”. The State will be Over a Billion dollars in the red otherwise. She wants NO responsibility for closing down the state. The “Public” have to suffer from job loss and forty year old computers keeping them from getting their Federal stipends but not a single Government Employee is losing any pay. They will just postpone New hires. The state could furlough a majority of the administration in education and let them collect unemployment, With the stipend. It would save the state tremendous amounts of money. They could live as the rest of the public. Spending on education takes up about two-thirds of the budget and since schools were shut down for the year there is little reason for ALL those employees to be kept.

  2. If the private sector is good enough to take a 25% pay cut, the our government employees across the board should do so as well.

  3. But we need a risk free society so we can all be safe together as comrades.
    In the glorious people’s collective everyone will be safe and sound under the watchful loving eye of mommygov.
    Rand has an uphill battle with comrade kommissar Bashear of the glorious people’s republic of Kentucky.
    Blue states will drag their feet and milk the hype and hysteria until at least summertime.
    The wizards of smart will see that the taxpayer money feeding trough is running low by that time.

  4. The establishment has more plans to continue to stall the economy. We will see lawsuits, media campaigns, investigations, …. every trick they can use to hurt us.

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