King Cuomo will mail a stamped, addressed ballot to every New Yorker


New York Governor Cuomo is going for 100% mail-in voting during the pandemic via executive order. Mail-in voting is filled with opportunities for fraud.

Cuomo has put forward fiats for motor voter laws which his all-socialist Democrat legislature rubber stamps. He now is going one step further and it will corrupt the vote completely. It’s the finishing touch on our freedoms and our votes in New York.

He plans to send ballots to every New Yorker and says he has the right to do it.

“Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday said he will sign a new executive order to make sure every New Yorker automatically receives a postage-paid application to receive a ballot amid the new coronavirus crisis. The announcement follows a previous order he made to amend a state provision to allow residents to seek mail-in ballots by saying they fear they’ll contract the virus, which causes the COVID-19 disease,” the Patch reports.

Cuomo said he wanted to avoid having long lines of people waiting to vote, as has been seen in other states.

It sets a dangerous precedent for other states. It will allow the socialist Democrats to steal the election.

Mail-in voting introduces too many opportunities for fraud. If non-eligible voters get the ballot, will they mail it in? If people get hold of batches of them, who will stop them from sending them in? When I worked the polls, the union workers rushed to the back at the end of the day and miraculously came back with ballots that were somehow missed. Absentee balloting is fraudulent, but no judge in New York gives a hoot. And you only have three days to prove each ballot is fraudulent and there is not enough time. Basically, the judge divides the contested ballots according to what s/he thinks is fair. Forget about getting far with a New York judge if you are on the right.


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