Rand Paul has part of his lung removed over 2017 assault by violent Dem


Republican Sen. Rand Paul had part of his lung removed over the weekend due to complications from the 2017 assault by his neighbor.

“Unfortunately, I will have to limit my August activities. Part of my lung damaged by the 2017 assault had to be removed by surgery this weekend. The doctors, nurses, & staff at Vanderbilt University Medical Center were great. I should be able to return to the Senate in September,” Paul, R-Ky., tweeted early Monday.

His far-left, Bernie supporting neighbor Rene Boucher blindsided him in November 2017 while he was mowing his lawn. He grabbed Paul from behind who then suffered six broken ribs, including three displaced fractures. His recovery was complicated by fluid and blood around the lungs, and pneumonia.

Dr. Boucher

Boucher pleaded guilty in March 2018 to a federal charge of assaulting a member of Congress.

He was sentenced in June 2018 to 30 days in federal prison and was ordered to one year of supervised release, a $10,000 fine and 100 hours of community service. He was also ordered to have no contact with Paul’s family.

Boucher, a retired anesthesiologist, said he didn’t attack him over his political beliefs but, rather, over a pile of brush near the property line.

In January, Paul was awarded over $580,000 in damages by a Kentucky jury–$375,000 of that was awarded in punitive damages, and $200,000 for pain and suffering—plus an additional $7,834 for medical expenses.

PJ Media reports that Boucher’s presence on social media confirms his support for Bernie Sanders and hatred for Trump. One of his posts says he hopes Mueller fries “Trump’s gonads.”

Boucher shared a meme from “Proud Liberals” calling Trump a liar. In May, he shared a post from the page “Impeach Trump, Impeach Pence, Keep Impeaching.” He shared a photo of the Time Magazine cover with the White House turned into the Kremlin. He quoted an ex-CIA official who called Trump the “Sissy in chief.”

“Trump firing everyone who investigates him. TOTALITARIANISM,” he wrote in another May post. Then there’s this: “SUB-ZERO: The intelligence level or [sic] Trump supporters.”

His social media accounts have been taken down.

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