Randi Weingarten Accuses Fox News of Doing a “Hit Piece” on Her


Randi Weingarten

Randi Weingarten was on John Castimatidis’s radio show at 5 O’clock this afternoon. She was uncharacteristically calm and complained that Fox News did “a hit piece on her.” You can’t tell the truth about a WOKE person.

These are the key points the Fox ‘hit piece‘ made:

Teachers’ union president Randi Weingarten got attention on social media for her emotional display outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday.”

Then they quoted her, followed by users’ comments.

Several Twitter users piled on the scene, which many saw as a horrible “crazy” display. 

“The lack of self-awareness is what gets me about these people. Who told Communist John Denver that she should be a public speaker?” radio host Jesse Kelly commented.

They dared to put up her crazy, unhinged illogical rant (my words):

Fox posted a few other posts and then went into the Supreme Court process.

That’s what she calls a “hit piece.”

As far as her views, she wants people without college degrees to pay for people who have them and had agreed to pay the debt. So, a Missouri truck driver must pay for a degree of an English major in New York City.

Even Nancy Pelosi said it is unlawful. The policy was an election vote-buying scheme directed at the college-educated base who can probably well pay their own loans. They thought the media would ignore the regressive, inflationary nature of the “forgiveness.”

It’s unforgivably unfair. Loan forgiveness of this nature is an attack on our democracy, as Chuck Schumer might say.

Here’s more from us, not Fox:

This one altered her voice. It’s very funny.

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