Sen. Cruz Nukes AG Garland Over Pro-Life Center Attacks, Terrorizing of Justices


The Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday became fiery when Sen. Ted Cruz tried to get an honest answer from AG Garland. Cruz (R-TX) accused the Justice Department chief of failing to protect conservative Supreme Court justices after they voted to overturn Roe v. Wade last summer.

Sen. Cruz wanted to know why two dozen heavily armed agents went to arrest pro-life activist Mark Houck, but he won’t prosecute people who firebomb pro-life centers. Garland claimed they couldn’t find the attackers of the pro-life facilities because they do it at night in the dark.

“When rioters descended on the homes of six Supreme Court Justices, night after night after night, you did nothing. The department did nothing,” Cruz said on Wednesday.

“How do you decide which statutes you enforce and which ones you don’t?” Cruz asked.

Garland said he sent 70 Marshals.

“The marshals on scene make that determination in light of the priority of,” Garland responded before being cut off by Cruz.

“The marshals do not make a determination on whether to prosecute,” the senator interjected. “You, the attorney general, make a determination, and you spent 20 years as a judge, and you’re perfectly content with justices being afraid for their children’s lives, and you did nothing to prosecute it.”

“Can I answer the question?” Garland shot back.

Cruz said, “No,” because he won’t answer the question.

If Garland had arrested these ‘protesters’ who terrorized Justice’s families, he would not have needed the 70 Marshals. Additionally, the law requires him to arrest them.

Garland insists he applies the law equally.

“You spent 20 years as a judge, and you’re perfectly content with [SCOTUS] justices being afraid for their children’s lives. You did nothing to prosecute it,” Cruz said.

We all know Jane’s Revenge was behind many attacks on pro-life facilities, but Garland still couldn’t find them.

Priorities, priorities

Merrick Garland complained about not having the resources to combat cartels flooding fentanyl into America. He didn’t bother to mention the open borders. He did take time to boast about his trips to Ukraine, meeting with their prosecutors, designating Wagner group a terrorist organization.

Senate Republicans questioned Garland on several of the department’s investigations, including one centered on President Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

Garland is expected to face additional hearings with the House Judiciary Committee, as Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) has pushed the DOJ to provide documents relating to investigations into Hunter Biden.


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